Here’s an office nightmare that we’ve all be through: You walk to the fridge so excited to snack on the delicious leftovers of a dinner you put a ton of effort into the night before only to discover that your tupperware is empty. Somebody snaked your snack. Now, thanks to this clever Kickstarter, the days of walking up to an empty lunchbox with a grumbling stomach and writing protective “do not touch” notes may be numbered.


Lokables are food storage containers that come with a built-in lock combination to make sure *you* are the only one with access to your lunch. They are sturdy, microwave and dishwasher safe and come in variety of cute colors. Plus, they’re easy to use: Customize a two-digit code (your boo’s birthday, your old high school jersey number, the weird two-number combo you use to extend your Internet passwords to reach the required character count) and click the button on the side to open. Add your goods, then shut the lid and dial up for the lid to lock. Secure lunch in seconds flat.

Lokables won’t just prevent your officemates from digging into your food. You can use the containers for any storage needs you may have: Use it as a jewelry box, DIY tools storage or a safe place to keep medications + allergens out of reach from little ones. Or, use it to stash your secret stocking stuffers if you live with a nosey SO (you also have the option of a transparent lid, so you can keep an eye on your things). Its small size makes it perfect for stashing and toting valuables when you’re traveling, too. And if anyone ever cracks your code, the combination is easy to change.

That added security comes at a price: Lockbles are set to retail at $20 a pop, unless you’re an early backer via Kickstarter — then you save about $5 per piece. According to the campaign, Lokables will be shipped to your door by December, just in time to keep your holiday party cookies away from nibbling. And hey, it can even make a great gift, especially for that nosey co-worker. Think of it as a way to help your office fridge become Post-It note free.

How would you use your Lokable? Share your storage ideas with us!