Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen may seem like an unlikely romantic match in the upcoming movie Long Shot, but their chemistry — which you can see in the film’s newest teaser and poster art, both exclusive to Brit + Co — is undeniable.

Rogen plays Fred Flarsky, an unemployed journalist with no real direction and a self-destructive streak. One day, he unexpectedly runs into his former babysitter and childhood crush Charlotte Field (Theron), now the Secretary of State and a candidate for president. Against pretty much everyone’s advice, she offers to hire Fred as her speechwriter, which leads to them spending time together. And as they reconnect, they realize they’re more compatible than they — or anyone around them — can believe.

“She actually seems to like me,” Rogen’s character says, somewhat incredulously, to June, one of Charlotte’s staffers.

“She is amused by you like you would be a small puppy,” June replies. But it quickly becomes clear that while they have fun and make each other laugh, there’s more than just amusement between them.

Fred’s friend Lance, played by O’Shea Jackson, even compares the potential couple’s situation to Pretty Woman, except with the gender roles reversed. “She’s Richard Gere and you’re Julia Roberts,” he jokes.

Charlotte’s team, for one, is not thrilled by the match, but the connection between her and Fred is obvious and seemingly unstoppable. “We grew up next door to each other,” she says. “He’s really funny, super smart, and he knows me.”

Check out the exclusive teaser above. Long Shot opens in theaters on May 3.

(Photos via Lionsgate + Phillipe Bossé/Lionsgate)