Makeup 鈥 well, makeup testing 鈥 is going the tech route. After recent innovations in the beauty try-on world via apps like ModiFace and L鈥橭real鈥檚 Makeup Genius, L鈥橭real is getting deeper into the digital world by 3D printing skin. You read that right: 3D printed skin is coming to L鈥橭real鈥檚 labs.


The makeup giant, which has been avoiding animal testing by producing human skin for a long time, is getting creative when it comes to its testing through a partnership with bioprinting startup Organovo to make the process of farming skin more efficient. By 3D printing skin, L鈥橭real is teaming up with the startup 鈥 already printing liver and kidney tissues 鈥 to figure out how to 3D print living, breathing derma in order to test its makeup for toxicity and efficacy. Color us intrigued.


According to Bloomberg Business, L鈥橭real has a lab in Lyon, France where it grows and analyzes more than 100,000 skin samples annually that are donated by plastic surgery patients throughout the country. While that is definitely an impressive amount of samples the makeup leader is aiming to automate and accelerate skin production via 3D printing to make testing a more efficient process, while also selling the skin samples to other makeup companies. Not only does this sound awesome for us, but we鈥檙e pretty pumped to see how something like this could replace animal testing in the beauty world for good.


With recent strides in 3D printing in healthcare (human + animal), the future of this avenue of innovation continues to excite us. Psh, and we thought 3D printed makeup was cool鈥

What are your thoughts on L鈥橭real 3D printing skin 鈥 ew or cool? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t The Cut, photos via L鈥橭real Paris Facebook)