One of the most touching moments throughout a mom-to-be’s pregnancy is the ultrasound. The joy many parents feel upon laying eyes on their little one for the first time is unmatched, and now there is a way for mothers who are blind to experience that same sort of joy with the help of one of our favorite tech innovations. 3D printed ultrasounds are now being used in these types of exams for parents that are visually impaired.


Tatiana is the mother profiled in the must-watch Huggies video “Meeting Murilo.” We’re taken on her journey, watching her talk to her OB/GYN about what she imagines her son will look like, describing his nose, ears and other features. All the while, a 3D printed version of little Murilo’s ultrasound is being produced. Prep your tear ducts for flooding.


The process takes about 15 minutes, after which a physical ultrasound of Tatiana’s future son Murilo is produced, with the words “I am your son” written in Braille. Check out the full video below, grab your mama (+ some tissues) and prepare to cry tears of joy.

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