We’re all about shopping for everything from winter boots to party dresses the internet. But makeup? That’s a different story. A certain eyeshadow or lipstick can look super dreamy on a website, but who knows how it will apply or whether it will match your skin tone. Well, thanks to virtual makeover technology ModiFace, testing makeup online might be as easy as uploading a selfie.


The revolutionary technology makes it easy to virtually and accurately try on makeup simply by showing you what it will look like on either a model of a similar skin tone or on a photo you’ve uploaded of yourself. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about the beauty technology co; they set up an augmented reality mirror in a Milan Sephora last year. But now the company is moving from acting as a fun experience in-store to a vital testing application on e-commerce platforms.

With just three lines of code, ModiFace’s tool can be easily integrated with websites and apps – and because it’s HTML and not flash, you’ll actually be able to use it on your mobile devices. So far the company has tested the application on Slate Cosmetic’s website and two other sites that remain secret.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.15.02 AM

If you head on over to Slate’s site you can the click “try it on” button under one of their five eye shadows. Then you’ll find a window with models of four different skin tones and an option to upload a shot of yourself. The shadow then shows up on the models as it would look on you. Another major advancement in the technology is the “complete your look” feature, which focuses on pairing the item you selected to try with other complementing makeup items like lipstick, blush and bronzer.

While it can only be found on a limited number of websites currently, we can’t wait to see this technology beginning to pop up on major sites like MAC, where there are a borderline overwhelming number of options to choose from. Rather than applying lipstick after lipstick, you can try on multiple colors with just a few clicks. And don’t get us started on how great it would be to finally get a handle on the endless cosmetic abyss that is Sephora.

Would you trust ModiFace’s technology to help you purchase more makeup online? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

(h/t WWD, images via Slate Cosemetics and ModiFace)