We’re all guilty of using our phones as mirrors, whether to reapply red on our kisser or to make sure our hair isn’t as crazy as our day. But what if you could use your phone as a mirror to unlock more makeup than what’s currently in your purse — sounds pretty cool, right? L’Oreal is making that happen with Makeup Genius, an out-of-this-world app that lets you try on makeup and beauty products right from your phone.

Makeup Genius scans your face, moves with you and follows your face in real time, allowing you to see what different products and styles look like on your mug from all angles. It uses 64 data facial points and 100 different facial expressions to track your every movement, wink and smile. Looking to try a color they don’t have in their bank? No problem! Scan an ad or image and Makeup Genius will match the exact color for you so you can try it on (virtually, of course).

Choose from bronzer, blush, liner and more, try them on and then decide if they’re worth buying or not. Never will we ever have to waste money on products that sound amazing and look incredible on models, but don’t end up working for us.

A similar concept using ModiFace technology is at work in a Sephora store in Milan, but this brings the 3D makeup technology right to your phone. Outside of Italy. Woo! Brit gave it a test run and was impressed by how realistic it is — check out the pic above where she (in real life) is actually wearing very little liner. Color us majorly impressed!

Download Makeup Genius for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for free.

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