Ever since Lauren Graham confirmed rumors of a Gilmore Girls reunion back in January, we鈥檝e been greedily gobbling up every possible morsel of GG news that the Internet has offered us. We played guessing games when a behind-the-scenes photo suggested a Gilmore Girls聽wedding scene was on its way, and have eaten up every single surprise original cast member return announcement along the way. So you鈥檒l forgive us for freaking out over the last unexpected reveal鈥 probably because you鈥檒l be freaking out about it, too.

That鈥檚 right: our fave diner owner with a heart of gold, Luke Danes (played by the supes adorbs Scott Patterson), is BACK. Oh, and so is his 鈥90s alt bro wardrobe (LOL). Posing with series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, Patterson tweeted a cute joke about 鈥渃omparing hats鈥 and, while he conceded victory to his boss鈥 fun-fur look, we know which hat is the winner of our hearts.


We鈥檙e excited for your return, Luke. And we鈥檙e already trying to guess what鈥檚 in store for you and Lorelai!

What do you predict is in store for Luke in the Gilmore Girls revival? Tell us everything @britandco!

(Featured photo via Vince Bucci/Getty)