After preparing yourself to get lost in the super-cool video of how Lush鈥檚 unicorn horn bubble bars are made, get ready to feel all warm and tingly inside, because the brand鈥檚 new LGBTQ-inclusive campaign is beyond sweet.

women in bath

Introducing their love-inspired offering with plenty of time before February 14 rolls around, Lush tweeted their new campaign with the message, 鈥淥ur Valentine鈥檚 Day goodies are even better when you鈥檝e got someone to share them with.鈥

Including a pic of two fellas smiling in a tub, the ad makes no specific mention of LGBTQ-positivity within the words, but this is an awesome step forward to normalizing beautiful same-sex relationships without the need for additional labels.

With the pic apparently causing a bit of a reaction from some followers, Lush addressed the issue in an equally awesome cheeky manner by saying, 鈥淟ast week, we posted a photo that created quite the stir! Let us set the record straight. Big tubs 鈥 they do exist! #bathgoals #loveislove.鈥 Love鈥 it!

They also sent a shout-out to the folks who made an appearance at the various women鈥檚 marches across the world, tweeting, 鈥淭o everyone marching today, time for some well-deserved bubbles! #bettertogether #womensmarch #loveislove.鈥

Keep up the good work, guys!

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(h/t Pride, photo via Pinto/Getty)