There is little that remedies a tiring winter day more than a warm bubble bath. Luckily, there are a world of options when it comes to bath bombs, and right at the top of the list is LUSH’s famous bubble bars. Running water and a few crumbles of one of their self-preserving products will unleash a torrent of essential oils and, yes, bubbles that could soothe anyone after a dreary day.

If you’ve ever been curious about how the bubble bars are made, consider this your lucky day. LUSH just released a video on their YouTube channel demonstrating exactly how they make their Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ($8).


The bestselling, multi-colored must-have features essential oils like neroli oil, which is derived from the bitter orange tree blossom. (It’s said to have been used by Egyptian priestesses to calm their nerves!) Other ingredients include calming lavender and sweet-smelling ylang ylang. Everything is mixed together with industrial-food-grade mixers. and the unicorn horns are rolled and shaped by hand.

Of course, as a final finishing touch, they are rolled in luster to give it that magical sheen. Then, they’re bubble bath ready to go!

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