Guys, it may be the first day back after a long weekend 鈥 aka, like, the WORST type of Monday that鈥檚 not even technically a Monday 鈥 but it鈥檚 a reeeally good day to get a little geeky in the coolest way(s) possible. After we just got done telling you about Rebecca Minkoff鈥檚 new wearables (yes, the woman that makes purses worth saving up for, is now entering into the blinged out tech-cessory space, get excited!) we have an update in 3D printed fashion. The new tech is about to go where no, literally, NO 3D printer has gone before: the Miss America pageant.

The beauty queen proving 3D printed fashion is wearable and (hopefully) #winning is Georgia Tech student and this year鈥檚 Miss Georgia, Maggie Bridges. Mags will be rocking custom, 3D printed, laser cut, gold, glittery, geekily gorgeous heels when she competes for the title of Miss America in next week鈥檚 pageant.

Three industrial design students at Georgia Tech created these shoes, designed to look like the school鈥檚 student body mascot, a Model A Sport Coupe called the 鈥淩amblin鈥 Wreck.鈥 Watch the students collaborate on the design with Miss G below:

Yes, she already has our vote. And can we print those design students some crowns of their own while we鈥檙e at it?

What鈥檚 the latest, greatest 3D printing innovation you鈥檝e spotted? Share with us below!

(h/t Betabeat)