Tired of boring fridge magnets? Want to spiff up the clothesline or chip bag? For our next DIY Organization Hack, we’ll show you to whip up these quick magnetic clothespins to set your grocery list apart from the crowd.

 – clothespins (available in the Brit + Co. shop!)

– assorted paper

– Mod Podge or glue

– self-adhesive magnet roll

 – scissors

– pencil

– foam brush

Choose your paper – there are tons of 12×12 papers out there with fun designs on one sheet, which lets you have different style clothespins that still go together.

Use a pencil to trace around your clothespins and cut out your strips.

With your foam brush, spread a layer of Mod Podge on your clothespin and adhere your paper to the clothespin. Give the top a swipe of Mod Podge to secure. Let dry. Repeat with a few layers of Mod Podge to secure your paper. Guess what? You just decoupaged! :)

Once dry, roll out some of your magnet, measure against your clothespin, and cut your magnet strips. If your strips are too wide, cut them in half so they’ll fit on the clothespins. Peel off the backing, and stick to the clothespins. Let sit for a bit to allow the adhesive to set.

Rock your clothespins on your own fridge, or wrap them up as a fun, quick, homemade gift.

These make perfect hostess gifts!

You can also leave the magnets off and use these for the hippest chip bags or clothesline around.

What will you use your clothespins for? Talk to us in the comments. If you make your own, share a picture with us on Facebook or Twitter.