2017 is shaping up to be quite a wild year for country star Maren Morris! Not only did she take home her very first Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance, beating out music vets like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert thanks to her hit single, 鈥淢y Church,鈥 but it appears the young crooner is now also engaged!

The 27-year-old didn鈥檛 need more than a single word to announce her happy news on social media, simply writing 鈥淵es 馃拲鈥 on a shot of herself sitting on musician and now-fianc茅鈥 Ryan Hurd鈥檚 lap while holding a Corona Light, with one very visible addition to her left ring finger.

"Yes." 馃拲

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She gave us a closer look at the ring in a subsequent photo, throwing her arms around Hurd鈥檚 neck as her white manicured nails set off the sheen of her new sparkler.

The pair, who have been in each other鈥檚 musical orbits since 2013 and began dating two years later, after getting to know each other over beers during post-writing sessions, are responsible for the Tim McGraw recorded tune, 鈥淟ast Turn Home.鈥 鈥淲e would write and then we鈥檇 go over to a bar in midtown and have a couple of beers,鈥 Hurd told People of the duo鈥檚 connection. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 when we started making a real connection, beyond a creative friendship.鈥

That connection not only resulted in McGraw鈥檚 single, but Hurd鈥檚 own 鈥淟ove in a Bar,鈥 which included such lyrics as, 鈥淲e were just friends, just hanging, just sitting 鈥榬ound waiting for somebody to cross the line鈥 Girl you just said what I was thinking, you weren鈥檛 afraid.鈥

Morris also spoke to the mag about their undeniable chemistry, saying, 鈥淲e had been friends for only a couple of years, but there was always this writing chemistry in the room, and eventually, the timing of it was undeniable. We had such a foundation built off writing so many songs over the years that we were like, 鈥榃hy are we avoiding this?鈥欌


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They鈥檙e certainly not avoiding it now! Hurd shared a shot of the two boating off into the sunset pre Fourth of July 鈥 a rather symbolic shot, as they鈥檒l both be headed out on tour together this fall.

Here鈥檚 to wishing them all the best in their shared journey.

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