Smokey eye makeup is the most under-rated illusion in your makeup bag of tricks. The subtle, smokey eye is expressive and deep, but it can be dressed up or down for all occasions, from date night to girls’ night out, even to your wedding! (Totally not kidding; here are 10 smokey-eye alternatives that would work for your big day.)

There’s nothing like the exotic, slightly mysterious air that a smokey eye brings to your look. It’s a surefire hit with your guy or girl, and it’s really not as hard to pull off as you may think. There are essentially only two simple secrets to nailing the right level of makeup fabulousness: a smoldering lid and an amped up lower-lash line. And should you need a little extra help mastering this wonderful look, here are 10 tutorials to help you bump up your smokey-eye game.

And don’t be afraid to take this look outside the traditional venue of a date or special event. You can rock the smokey eye every day, even at the office, provided you swap the darker, more dramatic colors for something a little more demure. It’s all in the execution.

So go on, ladies! Break out the colored eyeliner and mix up those gorgeous, glittering powders. You’ll feel as beautiful and special on the outside as you are on the inside.

What’s your favorite smokey-eye look? What about other statement eye looks in general? Tell us in the comments below!