When you win an award as major as an Emmy, it鈥檚 a no-brainer to聽thank your co-stars, your agent and your fam. But when Amy Schumer was blasting out TYs during her acceptance speech after she took home the award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series for Inside Amy Schumer, she gave a totally awesome and unexpected shout out to the girl who gave her a 鈥渟ort of a smoky eye鈥 (another reason to love the Trainwreck star!).


If you ask us, the praise was well deserved, because the makeup look Amy was rocking last night is a totally fresh take on the traditional smokey eye. It wasn鈥檛 just about the smoldering lid (look closely!); Amy鈥檚 amped-up lower lash line was what made the look really pop, and it鈥檚 a takeaway any gal can add to their going-out routine like that. Read below to learn the two super DIYable secrets to nail Amy Schumer鈥檚 now-infamous Emmys smokey eye.

Prep for Amy Schumer鈥檚 Smokey Eye: Flawless Face + Subtle Eyelids


Start by following this tutorial to get your base makeup on 鈥 natural yet bright, with a pop of color on your cheeks. This final look is all about bringing drama to your lower lash line, so you want to keep the upper eyelids neutral but still give them a little depth. On your brow bones, apply a shimmering cream shadow as a highlight, like either of the top two cream shadows in the Japonesque Color Pixelated Color Eye Shadow Palette ($38). Hit your creases with a medium neutral brown shadow like my go-to, Buck from the Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54). You can line your upper lashline subtly with a black shadow or eyeliner or leave it bare 鈥 I lined mine for extra oomph to help my eyelashes look fuller. Finish the look with a light lip gloss so your lips don鈥檛 compete with your eyes.

Amy Schumer鈥檚 Smokey Eye Secret 1: Mix Your Metals

Apply Deep Bronze to Outside + Blend into a Bright Bronze


The first secret to getting a next-level smokey eye like Amy鈥檚 Emmys look is to use solely metallic shimmery eyeshadows to create and accent the smokey eye 鈥 I鈥檓 calling it a mixed-metal ombre smokey eye. Start on the outside corners of your lower lash line and apply a deep bronze shimmer shadow (like the middle, lower right pod from Japonesque Color Pixelated Color Eye Shadow Palette, $38) using a small, firm shadow brush so you have more control with the placement.

Using the same brush, apply a brighter gold or bronze shadow like Half Baked from Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54), starting slightly over the edge of the deep bronze shadow and blending toward the inside corners of your eyes. Blend outward, leaving the inside corners and a small space inside for the next step.

Double Up on the Shimmer


Normally, I would suggest applying a brightening cream shimmer shadow to the inside corners of your eyes, but for this look, you want to get that extra highlight to really make your eyes pop. To do this, start off by applying a cream shadow on the inside corners of your eyes and fanning it out slightly above and back toward the light gold shadow you last applied. I love the Tr猫StiQue Color + Smudge Shadow Crayon in Tibetan Ivory ($26). To take this to the next level, go over it with a highlighting powder like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Opal ($38).

Amy Schumer鈥檚 Smokey Eye Secret 2: Enhance With Colored Eyeliner


The second most noticeable detail about Amy鈥檚 smokey eye is that there鈥檚 no black eyeliner in sight. Instead, Amy鈥檚 makeup artist used a colored liner that made Amy鈥檚 eyes pop even more. A bright teal definitely brought out the color of Amy鈥檚 blue eyes, but you should use whatever colorful eyeliner will bring out your eye color (psst, peep our post here to find out what shade to use!). Once you have that colored liner locked down 鈥 I ended up choosing a dark green eyeliner, Benefit Cosmetics They鈥檙e Real! Push-Up Eyeliner in Green ($24), because I have hazel eyes 鈥 apply it to your lower lash line gradually, blending out toward the inside corners of your eyes. Pro tip: Stop the liner where your lower lashes start to thin out 鈥斅燿on鈥檛 take it all the way to the inside corners. This will help your eyes look brighter and bigger.

Finishing Touches for Amy Schumer鈥檚 Smokey Eye: LOTS of Mascara!


GO BIG here! You can always opt for some falsie eyelashes if you really want to step it up, or you can just apply a few coats of mascara. Pro tip: Apply each coat before the previous coat dries all the way to avoid clumping.


The shimmer is subtle, but still so stunning. This is one beauty copycat we鈥檒l stash up our sleeves for a while!


What makeup looks from last night鈥檚 Emmys are you obsessed with? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured + Main Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty
Photography: Kurt Andre
Model, Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney
Styling:聽Kate Puhala