When it comes to finding the perfect hotel for an upcoming vacation, there are many factors that can go into your decision. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, babymoon locale or just somewhere to get away with your BFF or S.O., location, amenities and budget are just a few of the factors you might consider. But in the end, many hotels offer similar services and standards across the board. So the next time you’re using some vacation days, why not opt for a super special, unusual hotel? Read on for 10 of our top unique picks.


1. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island: Ever wanted to eat in an aquarium? Well, you can at the Conrad Maldives. The dining room is completely submerged underwater, providing one of the most unusual dining views we’ve ever seen. This luxe island resort offers tons of activities, like swimming with whale sharks and exploring aquatic gardens and programs where you can learn about Maldivian culture. The actual rooms are called “water villas” since they’re individually perched on stilts in the ocean. The property also has 12 restaurants total, so you definitely won’t go hungry. (Photo via Conrad Hotels & Resorts)


2. Das Park Hotel, Essen, Germany: These cool and budget-friendly pods designed by artist Andi Strauss are situated in a rural park in Germany. They were created to give you maximum comfort in a minimal amount of space, but they still come with modern conveniences like outlets, and there is a bathroom with showers and a cafe in the surrounding public park. This hotel concept is actually extremely affordable since they operate on a “pay as you wish” system, meaning you pay what you can afford for the accommodations. (Photo via Das Park Hotel)


3. Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield, England: The aptly named Crazy Bear hotel is an eclectically renovated 15th-century coaching inn located in suburban England. In fact, it’s the oldest documented building in the town. With both Thai and English restaurants on the premises, as well as a super cool pool and terrace situation, there’s no reason you’d ever want to leave. If you do, this quiet and quaint town has a market on Tuesdays that’s worth checking out and is also home to the Royal Standard Pub, the oldest pub in Britain. (Photo via Crazy Bear Beaconsfield)

4. Liberty Hotel, Boston, MA: Who knew a former prison could look so luxe? Seriously, this place used to house criminals, and now it’s one of the nicest hotels in Boston, complete with multiple dining options and fancy accommodations. In 1991, the building stopped functioning as a jail and was later turned into this gorge place to stay. The hotel is centrally located in the city, so you can do things like visit Boston Common (the oldest park in the US, FYI) and the Charles River Esplanade, a path along the shore where you can walk, bike or jog and take in the seasonal scenery. If you’re a history buff, the hotel is also a 10-minute walk from the Freedom Trail, a two and a half mile route that brings you to 16 historical sites around the city. (Photo via Liberty Hotel)


5. Palacio de Sal, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia: This is a hotel made almost entirely out of salt. Pretty much everything, including the walls, tables, ceilings and chairs, are made out of giant salt blocks, which makes sense, since it’s located in the salt flats of Bolivia. The hotel has 30 rooms that look like little igloos, as well as a restaurant and bar. They have a partnership with Hidalgo Tours, which specializes in excursions in the salt flats that require special vehicles and accommodations but are really, really cool. (Photo via Palacio de Sal)


6. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India: What makes this majestic hotel so amazing? Well, for starters, it’s an island. That’s right, the entire hotel is an island. Situated just off the coast, this huge structure is easily accessible by boat and has been called one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Amenities include everything from sunrise yoga to being able to have dinner served on your own private boat. Fun fact: a James Bond movie was once filmed here. (Photo via Taj Lake Palace)

7. V8 Hotel, Boblingen, Germany: Yup, that’s a car bed. This hotel is any car lover’s dream, where all the rooms are automobile-themed and guests can even have their cars tuned up if needed. The hotel itself is located near Castle Solitude, an incredible rococo palace that’s straight out of a fairy tale. If you’re in the area during the Christmas season, take advantage of the hotel’s Christmas market tour, since Germany is well-known for having some of the most enchanting holiday markets in the world. (Photo via V8 Hotel)


8. Huilo Huilo, Neltume Los Rios Region, Chile: This bionature reserve features a range of lodging options, from a full-on luxury hotel to accommodations created especially for backpackers exploring the surrounding rainforest. There are many ways to see the incredible natural surroundings, from doing a guided crossing of the Patagonian Forest to horseback riding around the area. The reserve itself is privately owned, but there’s a focus on nature conservation, as well as employing members of the local communities. (Photo via Huilo Huilo)


9. Treehotel, Harads, Sweden: Treehouse hotels are definitely a “thing” in the unusual hotel industry, but Treehotel is one of the original and most amazing ones. The cabin, pictured above, is just one of the several treetop abodes the hotel offers, including one in the shape of a UFO — if that’s your kind of thing. Situated in the Lule River Valley, the closest village only has 600 inhabitants. There’s a central hostel where meals are served, but you can spend the rest of your time exploring the wooded surroundings and chilling in your high-up lodgings. If you’re looking for a place to truly disconnect and admire some magnificent nature, Treehotel should be at the top of your list. (Photo via Treehotel)


10. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Kakslauttanen, Finland: Imagine sleeping surrounded by snow in an igloo made of glass. At Kakslauttanen, you can do that. Though the location is pretty secluded, it’s just a 30-minute drive from the closest airport. Located right near one of Finland’s largest national parks, the resort is in virtually untouched wilderness. If you choose to travel there in the summer, you’ll find a comfortable warm climate, but in the winter you can take advantage of activities like reindeer safaris (for real!) and cross-country skiing. (Photo via Kakslauttanen)

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