McDonald’s may rely on their classic burgers and fries to keep its sales up (particularly since its all-day breakfast menu is going bye-bye), but that doesn’t mean they’re shying away from new things. Always willing to make customers guinea pigs based on popular trends (e.g. McDonald’s quinoa) and WTF experiments (we’re looking at you, McDonald’s Nutella burger), the fast food chain may have just hit on a total winner with their new Oreo-themed menu.

woman eating Oreos

Apparently featuring Oreo Thins and offering various treats like an Oreo Chocolate Cheese Tart (yes, please!), new drinks, including the “Oreoccino” (available in both hot and cold versions) may, in fact, be the true stars of this particular menu.

McDonald's oreo menu

The only problem? The McDonald’s Oreo menu is currently only available in Hong Kong (lucky ducks!). We can only hope that it will appear in US restaurants sooner rather than later… that is, if it ever does end up coming our way. *fingers crossed*

Check out what some lucky folks having already been enjoying…

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(h/t Thrillist, photos via Sue Hudelson/Getty, McDonald’s)