Currently, McDonald’s is the fast food chain we tend to hit up after a long night at the bar or when we’ve had a really long day and just need some fries and a coke. But McDonald’s doesn’t want to be your guilty pleasure anymore. Piggybacking off that new fancy McDonalds breakfast menu they recently rolled out, the iconic burger joint is now serving quinoa at McDonald’s Next, a new concept restaurant located in Hong Kong.

mcdonalds next

McDonald’s has been modernizing a lot of their restaurants over the past few years, but McDonald’s Next definitely takes that initiative to another level. At the Hong Kong location, you’ll find a concrete-and-wood scheme with wireframe stools and long community tables that features not only a touchscreen menus but also table service.

The menu selection is set to include the standard McDonald’s classics alongside a salad bar with 19 ingredients. Included in that will be couscous, asparagus and of course, quinoa. Considering the chain has already added kale to their breakfast bowls, we’re guessing you’ll probably be able to find copious amounts of the ultimate trendy health food there as well. But all this new info is really leaving us to ponder a more philosophical question: Is it actually possible to walk into McDonald’s and not order a giant serving of french fries? Your guess is as good as ours on that one.

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(Photo via McDonalds)