Remember those easy days way back when life was so simple and McDonald’s graced us with the dream of an all-day breakfast? We could eat that delicious Sausage McGriddle at any time of day (or night), and it seemed as if all our dreams had finally (finally!) come true. Well, hold onto your hats, because while McDonald’s giveth delivery, McDonalds taketh away, nixing the all-day breakfast in a move that’s crushing us to the core.

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Originally, The Golden Arches planned an all-day breakfast option because of failing sales across the US. They hoped that giving so many of us what we’d been asking for so long would improve the company’s bottom line. Turns out, not only has it not worked, but the chain’s sales of all-day breakfast menu items have decreased by almost two percent in the last few months (!).

McDonalds To Offer Its Breakfast Menu All Day Long

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, CEO Steve Easterbrook said that the chain is trying to figure out how to fix sales here at home, even though around the world, the company is still doing quite well. Easterbrook says that focusing on making McD’s the “restaurant of the future” is a top priority (although sales are down while wait times are up): New focuses include curbside check-in, mobile ordering and advanced kiosks.

With many people turning away from fast food in favor of healthier options, the comfort of knowing exactly what you’re getting at every single McDonald’s still can’t be beat — we still love the occasional hash brown after noon, so needless to say, we’re beyond bummed.

RIP, all-day breakfast. RIP.

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