From celebrity-approved drugstore beauty buys to beauty vloggers whose opinions we can always count on, we spend a lot of time thinking about what beauty and personal hygiene products to buy next. But how much of that has to do with how we’re conditioned as women and how much of the fixation with beauty products do men share? Skinfo, a skincare company, surveyed more than 500 Americans to find out what men and women *really* think about beauty products. What they found will definitely surprise you.

Couple In Pajamas Putting On Moisturizer In Bathroom

According to the survey, men and women share pretty similar views on the importance of beauty products and a skin care regimen. In fact, when it comes to how much money they spend on beauty products, men and women shell out almost exactly the same amount. However, 70 percent of women surveyed said that if they had more disposable income, they’d spend more on beauty products, while only 53 percent of men said the same.

Another interesting dynamic was men and women’s views on why they use beauty products. While 12 percent of women said they need to buy products in order to be successful at work, a slightly higher 17 percent of men said the same. Also, while 17 percent of women said they use beauty products (makeup included) to impress someone in particular, a whole 29 percent of men agreed. Whoa. Scroll through the infographic below for more insights.


So, it seems like women aren’t the only ones wrapped up in the search for the next miracle product. But hey, if men want to get in on the fun, we say welcome to the club.

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(Featured photo via Getty, infographic via Skinfo)