For those of you dripping in sweat and desperate for your next margarita fix, we鈥檙e happy to announce that fall is officially around the corner. That means you鈥檒l finally get to ditch sweat-proof makeup tactics and finally experiment with the latest fall eye shadow and lipstick trends. We鈥檙e enlisting the help of our closet beauty ally and greatest teacher, YouTube. Scroll on for the 10 must-watch beauty vloggers who will help you turn all that warm and fuzzy fall inspo into a look that鈥檚 absolutely gorgeous.

1. Stephanie Lange: Stephanie works as a makeup artist in Australia. We love that when she鈥檚 not dishing out glamour tips, she鈥檚 preaching about confidence and real beauty. Any time she tackles a topic, you can bet she鈥檒l be thorough 鈥 she has a collection of eight videos on contouring alone! (via Stephanie Lange)

2. Wayne Goss: Wayne Goss is a makeup god. His great wisdom, honest reviews and simple tricks will always steer you right. He鈥檚 got experience working on all types of skin, from young to old, and you can count on him to simplify even the trickiest techniques. (via Wayne Goss)

3. Rachel 鈥楤unny鈥 Meyer: Bunny is one of the quirkiest and most entertaining beauty and lifestyle vloggers. She is best known for her 鈥淔irst Impression Friday鈥 and 鈥淒oes This Thing Really Work?鈥 series, where she tests new beauty and 鈥淎s Seen On TV鈥 products. If you need your beauty advice served with a side of giggles, Bunny will be your girl this fall. (via Rachel 鈥楤unny鈥 Meyer)

4. Jenell B. Stewart: Jenell runs, a beauty and lifestyle blog focused on black hair and beauty. Her YouTube channel is chock-full of great advice ranging from how to help your hair grow strong to which drugstore foundations rock. (via Jenell B. Stewart)

5. Michael Finch: Michael is an upcoming beauty vlogger and makeup artist from Australia with some serious talent. He鈥檚 a big Kardashian fan, and he鈥檚 always uploading informative reviews and tutorials inspired by the Kardashian/Jenner clan. (via Michael Finch)

6. Samantha Ravndahl: Okay, this is the IT girl of the beauty vlogger world. She鈥檚 absolutely stunning, authentic and full of powerful advice on creating ambitious beauty looks. Whether you want to reinvent your style or just perfect your eye shadow application, she鈥檚 got all the fall makeup inspiration you need! (via Samantha Ravndahl)

7. Wengie: Ready to jump on the Korean beauty trend? Wengie will show you what鈥檚 up. She has a ton of videos on Korean skincare and cosmetic products, as well as makeup tutorials for every season. We love when her big blue-eyed cat makes cameo appearances. (via Wengie)

8. Jaclyn Hill: With over 2.2 million followers, you could say that Jaclyn Hill is a beauty-vlogging superstar. She鈥檚 been stepping out with some edgier looks recently, and they鈥檙e totally gorgeous. We鈥檝e got her Ombre Sunset Smokey Eye tutorial bookmarked for our next big fall event. (via Jaclyn Hill)

9. Zoella: Does this girl even need an intro? At nearly nine-million subscribers, she鈥檚 basically YouTube鈥檚 reigning queen. Her channel is super informative, entertaining, adorable and addicting all at once. She even has a second channel for keeping things really real, but for now, we鈥檒l leave you with her entire beauty vlog playlist. (via Zoella)

10. Nicole Guerriero: Nicole is a rising star who packs a punch. With Halloween only a few months away, you鈥檒l want to check out her fabulous makeup tutorials for every costume you鈥檙e dreaming of. (via Nicole Guerriero)

Did we miss any of your beauty vloggers? Let us know who they are in the comments below!