#MermaidThighs Is the Newest Body-Positive Movement
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#MermaidThighs Is the Newest Body-Positive Movement

If you happen to have a gap between your thighs, there’s nothing wrong with that. If your thighs are thicker, well, there’s nothing wrong with that either. In fact, no matter what size or shape, your bod is just as awesome as it is amazing. But when entire movements start to encourage one body type over the other and shame those who don’t fit the mold, well, there’s definitely something wrong with THAT. That’s the reason why #mermaidthighs is the body-positive hashtag that takes on the worrisome #thighgap phenom.

#Thighgap caused more than a little concern when it took over the web with its body-form challenge. If you put your feet together and have a gap between your thighs, it apparently proves that you’re skinny enough to show off your bod in the viral body-shaming buzz.

Now, #mermaidthighs is allowing peeps to be proud of their thighs, even if they aren’t stick-thin. Ladies are taking to Instagram to show us their gorgeous stems, no matter what size. Repeat: no matter what size! Skinny, chubby, thick or thin, your thighs are as gorgeous as you are, hot thang!

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(h/t Teen Vogue)