Miley, Miley, Miley. You’re like the the adolescent predecessor to Madonna and Gwen Stefani. We hope you’ll grow into their epic greatness, but in the meantime we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. You’re the world’s guilty pleasure, so is it any surprise that we want to mimic your spectacle for Halloween?

Here are some Miley looks for you to recreate this Halloween. Warning: If you go this route, it’s safe to assume your costume will be NSFW ;)

1. Can’t Stop: Miley went a little ’80s for this look and you can too! Overalls with bikini bottoms paired with a West Coast T, a red lip and a tie headband will almost get you the whole look. In lieu of the giant bear backpack, you could opt for a normal-sized teddy strapped to your back.

2. Fitted Feline: We’re pretty sure Nasty Gal has a cat print on any article of clothing you could want it on. Do some surfing and see what you can find, then accessorize with big, clear plastic jewelry. The bigger the better!

3. Bejeweled: Before she stripped down to her bear onesie at the 2013 VMAs, this was Miley’s red carpet look. Make it yourself with black tights, a crop top, hot glue and jewels.

4. Party in the USA: Go old school and take a page from her dad’s fame this super hit was a little bit country. So bust out the cowboy boots, cut-offs and a leather vest. For context, you can even find a way to carry around an American flag.

5. Hannah Montana: Lest we not forget sweet, innocent Hannah Montana. It’s how Miley first invaded the pop scene, and looking back we barely recognize her. This throwback costume can be done by surfing the Juniors section for jackets with hardware and scarves with sparkle.

6. Miley Bird: Just before Miley unleashed her tongue-wagging self, there was this music video for Can’t Be Tamed in which she dressed as different extravagant birds. You can nail this look with a silver, strapless mini dress and some major crafting for a big ol’ peacock tail.

7. Wrecking Ball: We went there. As scandalous as Wrecking Ball was, the costume is a cinch. White crop top. White bottoms. Combat boots. Red lip. Done! If you want, you can carry around a grey ball for context.

8. Goth Miley: A long-sleeved, floor-length fishnet number over a nude slip will take your Miley look right back to the Met Ball. Spike your hair for that Miley flare.

9. Bangerz: A green leotard will do just fine for starters—preferably one with a deep v. Embellish away with jewels and monochromatic fabric swatches to make your own pattern. Seal your look with a big gold chain.

10. Cher Glam: We’re not sure she did Cher proud, but there’s certainly some iconic pop star glam going on here. Find a red long-sleeved crop top and pair it with some red bikini bottoms. Get crafty with jewels and feather boas and you’ve got your very own Miley look.

11. The Infamous Teddy Bear Look: It’s the night that we’ll never forget. The one that’s scarred in the memories of all America. The night Miley and her bear posse danced around with a foam finger and a referee. We think it’s a costume that deserves revisiting.

Do you have a favorite iconic Miley look? Let us know how you’d wear it for Halloween!