We expected Solange Knowles to entrance us at the Met Ball with her kooky sense of style (of course she did), but we never would have guessed she’d step out onto the red carpet without her most iconic accessory in tow: her full, bouncy curls. We know what you’re thinking: say it ain’t so! But when you get a look at the tastemaker’s new choppy pageboy haircut, you’ll be as confident about her decision as her smile implies.

Sure, it’s a HUGE change from the long natural hair we’re used to seeing, but it’s still gorgeous. Perfectly wisped every which way — still as playfully unruly as before — and long enough to be styled out in ways that we’ll probably be showing to our hair stylists at our very next appointment. Yeah, her moptop is that convincing, and just like Miley’s faux hawk and Michelle William’s perfect pixie, is seriously making US consider turning into short-haired girls (real talk: should we?). Scroll down to see 7 more of our favorite celeb cropped cuts. You just might want to move the scissors aside while you do. You have been warned.

1. Emma Watson: The more grown up Emma Watson gets, the more glamorous she looks, and that’s in no small part due to her super short ‘do. Really, she’s having a serious Twiggy moment in this photo (though to us, she will always remain frizzy haired Hermione).

2. Rihanna: Rihanna is a pixie cut chameleon: the pace that the singer’s gone from bob to sideswept bangs to a half shaved head has been dizzying, so we were thrilled when RihRih settled on this version that’s majorly elegant.

3. Michelle Williams: Three cheers for the Michelle Williams who’s committed to the cropped look for years now. We think it’s about time someone dub her the official patron saint of pixie cuts.

4. Ginnifer Goodwin: We’re crushing hard on Ginnifer Goodwin’s punk rock pixie hairdo. Start Pinning her looks for fashion-forward follicle inspo, peeps.

6. Jennifer Lawrence: After Jennifer Lawrence posted a snap of her pixie cut to Facebook back in November, it got 68,000 likes. Those numbers are almost more impressive than two-time Oscar nominee and one-time Oscar winner!

7. Anne Hathaway: Anne Hathaway’s “it’s for a role” pixie cut has transformed into a now signature look for the Oscar winning star. If we ever needed to learn how to nail “the side sweep,” we’d take all our notes from her.

8. Miley Cyrus: Miley used her haircut to symbolize that she’s all grown up, and hasn’t stopped reminding us since. But whether you love to love her or love to hate her, you have to admit she absolutely kills it with the pomp + shaved sides combo.

Who did you model your short hair after? Which other celebrity ‘dos leave you swooning? Tell us in the comments below.