Have you heard the crazy theory that links our favorite show of the summer, Stranger Things, to one of our old faves Parks and Recreation? It started with fans pointing out that jerky Steve actually does look like Parks and Rec’s jerky Jean Ralphio. In a sketch on The Late Late Show With James Corden called “Strangerer Things,” Jean Ralphio actor Ben Shwartz admitted that, yes, Jean-Ralphio IS in fact Steve’s son. Lolz. While it’s one of the more light-hearted “theories,” there are actually some pretty compelling ones about the supernatural series, and we can’t help but consider them all. Here are some of our favorites. (Warning! There are spoilers in here. But there’s no way you haven’t finished the show yet, so, read on.)

1. Eleven is the monster. Okay, well, at one point Eleven did say, “I am the monster.” There’s defffffinitely some darkness going on there. She had to go deep inside her own mind to bring the evil out. And she can only kill the demogorgon by destroying herself. So… this one is actually pretty probable.


2. Eleven is Hopper’s daughter. During Hopper and Joyce’s trip to the Upside Down to rescue Will, Hopper had some serious flashbacks about his daughter’s death, the cause of which you may have assumed was cancer, but that was never actually said for sure in the show. And in fact, the actor who plays Hopper has actually said her cause of death MIGHT be explored in season two, so he couldn’t give any secrets away. Remember in the earlier flashbacks, when his daughter was being creepy and staring, not unlike Eleven does in her intense episodes? Yeah. JUST SAYING. (Image via Giphy)

Stranger Things theory

3. Jonathan grows up to be Darryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. That chip on the shoulder? The relationship with his brother? Kinda fearless or at least driven to help people? This one actually makes SO MUCH SENSE. (Image via Hajando.com/Reddit)

Nancy and Jonathan

4. Nancy’s true love is actually Jonathan. File this one under no duhhhhhhh. TBH, we were surprised when Nancy ended up in Steve’s arms in the show’s last episode. But as many have pointed out, she looked so distant. After everything she and Jonathan went through, they’ve formed a connection, and we look forward to seeing them pretend they’re not totally in teen love in season two. (Image via Giphy)

Stranger Things Portal

5. More Upside Down portals are going to open up. *Runs screaming* I mean, where did Eleven GO? Hopper left her Eggos, so she’s not dead. Her friends are for sure going to go looking for her. Some fans think that, wherever she went, she’ll be able to open new portals. (Image via Giphy)

6. It’s a Lost prequel. LOL. Okay, probably not, but we love this one too much to not include it.

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