Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Netflix has become the leader in great TV. They’ve been taking chances on fan favorites like Fuller House and Gilmore Girls, and have created some of the most exciting new TV in ages. One of the main reasons we love Netflix shows is because binge watching is encouraged, as they release each series all at once. And everyone’s summer obsession has been throwback horror show Stranger Things. With so much suspense and action, and a lot left unexplained, we’ve been into crazy fan theories about the show, but this one seems the most epic.

Stranger Things

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

In the video, a theory emerges that Eleven and the monster are actually one in the same — and the reasoning is pretty flawless. Starting with the kids playing Dungeons and Dragons at the beginning of the show, they encounter the Demogoron, a two headed beast with both good and bad aspects. The show’s monster is created or appears while Elle is in a deep trance, possibly locked within her own mind. The Upside down is a mirror image to the real world (only dark), and at one point, Elle even says, “I am the monster.” Probably most compelling of all is that in the final scenes when Elle faces the Demogoron, she raises her hand to fight it, and it raises it’s hand in a mirror image, meaning that they are different parts of the same entity.

Whether or not this fan theory is true, the show-runners have left so much open for the next season that we can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Is Elle really dead (probably not)? If she’s not dead, according to this theory that would mean that the monster is also still alive. What happened with Will? Is there any way we’ll see Barb again?

Regardless of whether this theory is true or false, we’ll definitely be waiting to tune in to the second season!

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