Another day, another Stranger Things theory. While we fully agree with one mind-bending epic monster theory, there have been some real doozies coming from all the corners of the Internet. A new one, however, has been given some support by one of the stars of Parks and Recreation. So, while we wait to see our new favorite friend squad in season two, we’ll have to keep wading through theories like this one until some of our questions are (hopefully) answered.

Stranger Things Steve

There’s been a funny internet theory going around that Steve, the jerky boyfriend of Nancy from ST, was somehow connected to everyone’s favorite Parks and Recreation jerk Jean Ralphio. Their looks are definitely similar, as are their personalities. Well, in a spoof video from The Late Late Show With James Corden called “Strangerer Things,” Jean Ralphio actor Ben Shwartz explains exactly why his character and Steve are, well, basically the same.

So there you have it. This definitely explains why Jean Ralphio is so, well, weird.

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(Photo via Netflix)