Traveling is always a nightmare. Until you get to your destination, of course (well, hopefully!).聽While we鈥檝e got the checklist聽and hacks for packing covered (see guide, tips聽+ how many undies to bring), no one鈥檚 really provided us an all-in-one how-to for the whole experience. Thank the traveling gods for infographics, right?! Check out (okay, STUDY)聽this chart, then hit the departures gate feeling fully prepared for your journey.


Rolled clothes, socks inside shoes, digital backups of important docs, WiFi hotspots info + dryer sheets. Check, check, check, check + check. Looks like we鈥檙e ready for takeoff.

Will you be keeping this travel hack infographic handy on your desktop for quick planning reference? What鈥檚 your top travel hack or tip? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Design Taxi, infographic via Direct Holiday Cottages, photo via聽Bruce Bennett/Getty)