Even though you’ve aced the course at efficient packing, complete with mastering origami-style folds and deploying color-coded cases, you still might be wasting time and space in that suitcase of yours by packing too much. After all, the idea isn’t to cram your entire wardrobe into a toteable space-sac, it’s to stow away your most versatile + essential items — plus a few bonus outfit options — so that you can look like a perfectly put-together you at your home away from home. So the next time you’re preparing for take off, remember to make space in your brain for this visual aid that’s bent on helping you travel light with the most basic of must-haves.

To pack the most optimal number of underwear, or really any one-wear clothing item, trust this infographic vs your instincts. With its handy help, the numbers are fairly easy to calculate.

Pick the number of days you’ll be traveling from the top row, then follow its corresponding column down to see the relation between how many pairs to bring — including the ones you’ll wear the day you leave (side numbers) and how many times you’ll have to wash them (table numbers). Gold numbers mean you’ve maximized your stash, using up the exact number of skivvies as days you’re gone. If that’s cutting it too close for you, at least you’ll have enough room in your bag to bring along a roll of quarters for the impending out-of-town wash. And you could always squeeze in a pair of Dear Kate yoga pants juuuust incase…

What tricks + tips do you follow to make you the most efficient packer ever? Share your travel hacks in the comments below.

(h/t Vox)