This Mom Dresses Her Napping Baby in the Most Amazing Costumes
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This Mom Dresses Her Napping Baby in the Most Amazing Costumes

Most parents tip-toe around their sleeping babies, afraid that they will rouse a raging beast by accidentally making a sound that’s just a decibel too loud. Photographer Laura Izumikawa, on the other hand, parent to four-month-old Joey Marie, is not afraid. Not only is Joey Marie a super-sound sleeper, this adorable little one is also becoming the most popular cosplay star on the internet. The Little Mermaid, Ghostbusters, even Stranger Things — there’s nothing this duo can’t (adorably) do.

Initially dressing up her little one and taking the pics to give friends and family a little chuckle, it wasn’t long before the rest of the world took notice, especially when Laura dressed Joey Marie in an on-point Stranger Things costume, setting fans of the hit show alight with glee.

But first, there was Sia.

And, of course, Ariel, two ways.

Even Cinderella.

And The Sound of Music’s Maria.

“Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!”

The Pokémon craze hasn’t passed this little one by.

And Furiosa, because OMG YES!

Has the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ever looked cuter?!

And for a patriotic note, how about some Olympic-themed fun or even the Statue of Liberty?

Remember, though, being this adorable isn’t always easy…

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(h/t BuzzFeed)