Every June, LGBTQ+ people, as well as their friends, families, and allies, come together to celebrate an entire month of Pride. The celebration began as a response to the NYC Stonewall Riots of 1969, a way of making something positive happen for the queer community. Since then, it has snowballed into a month-long worldwide event where LGBTQ+ people can come together and let the world know that we still aren’t going anywhere. Among those celebrating are, of course, mothers. We chatted with a few moms to get their take on why they celebrate Pride month with their families, and their responses certainly give us hope.

two moms and daughter

“This month, we are celebrating pride not only because I am a bisexual mother, but because I fully intend to teach my son that many different people exist in this world and it’s what makes us beautiful. The more I normalize to him that diversity is what makes us great, the better off he will be in the future!” — Katie, Parker, CO

“We celebrate Pride because I want my son to know that he can love anyone he wants. That anyone can love whomever they want. And real love, in any and every form, deserves to be celebrated. And because he has a queer mom. In my experience, Pride is truly a joyous expression of love. Why wouldn’t I want every chance for my son to experience such a beautiful thing?!” — Whitney, Lansing, MI

“I have a six-year-old and a three-year-old, and we participate in local Pride festivals every year. We feel that it is important for children to see love in all its variety. The more exposure kids get to something that is outside their family experience, the less of a big deal it is to them. Also, we have several gay couples as friends that we celebrate Pride with.” — Marissa, New York, NY

“We celebrate pride every year because love matters. My daughter is being raised in an inclusive environment, because all people deserve to be respected, defended, and celebrated.” — Kat, Westminster, CO

gay pride parade

“I march in our local Pride March with my LGBTQIA choir and have brought my daughter along for several years. Even though she isn’t yet aware of all the struggles the queer community faces, it’s important to me to model for her the joy we can find in so many different types of people and families and ways of expressing our identities. I want her to see everyone she meets as a valid and valued individual and celebrate our differences. And I hope it leads to her having the confidence and freedom to embrace her own identity, whatever it may be, whenever she figures it out.” — Morgan, Pittsburgh, PA

“I want to teach my son that love is greater than hate! I want to show him that we support our LGBTQ community and that we show respect and love to everyone!” — Katia, Aurora, CO

“I’ve marched in every NYC Pride parade since ninth grade (I’m 31 now), so it was just a given that I’d bring my kids. First of all, it’s super-fun. But I also love that they have an opportunity to see so many different types of people being happy and being themselves. It will be a good overt yearly reminder to them that they will be loved and supported and be able to find community no matter what. (Plus they really love the amazing swag.)” — Charlie, New York, NY

“To help develop respect for all people, show support for people in our community, let them see it is ok to love whoever you want, and there are fun events for them.” — Brittany, Denver, CO

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