Creativity varies place to place: Apparently expats are more creative than those of us not living abroad. The most creative everyday spaces are the ones where you’re surrounded by friends… or maybe just in your bed (are you hacking into your creativity while you sleep? You should be). Now a new study says that one country in particular has the largest percentage of creative people — and it might not be where you’d expect.


Researchers from a British non-profit Nesta found that while the US has the largest creative industry — employing 4.2 million people — Canada has the largest percentage of creative people, at 12.9 percent of the total Canadian workforce. The researchers write that, compared to the US and the UK, Canada has “the largest share of creative economy employment, the largest share of workers in creative occupations and the largest share of creative workers embedded in non-creative industries.” Huh! Apparently Drake‘s infatuation with Toronto is warranted.

Speaking of, Toronto is definitely one of Canada’s creativity hubs. Co-author Greg Spencer told the University of Toronto that his previous research has shown that Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the most creative Canadian cities. “So my hypothesis with regards to comparisons with the UK and US is that a greater share of Canada’s population and jobs are in its biggest cities,” he said. “The new government’s focus on urban infrastructure and innovation is a great step towards supporting the creative economy further.”


Greg also told U of T that Canadians have a good grasp on how creativity plays a part in ALL industries: “Creative industries and creative jobs are becoming an increasingly important part of the overall economy. More of our consumption is going towards things like cultural events and experiences. We also are increasingly making purchases based on design considerations. Apple is a great example of this. It has largely beaten other technology companies, not due to having better or faster hardware, but rather with superior design from a human-centered perspective. In many cases, where the creative industries intersect with more traditional industries is where the magic really happens.”

And apparently, where the magic really happens is north of the border!

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