You love your BFFs for their hilarious texts and the simple ways they always seem to know what to say during tough times, but now a Harvard Business School working paper has discovered that your squad could also help to promote your creativity. The study showed that people whose friends reminded them of their successes experienced improvements in emotional well-being and “resistance to disease, resilience to stress and burnout, creative problem solving, performance under pressure and relationships with their employer.” The study calls this kind of reminder “best-self activation,” which is fancy science talk for “you are loved.” Awww!

In the study, friends, significant others and coworkers of the subjects wrote participants notes describing “examples of the person when he or she made a distinct and extraordinary contribution.” Basically, it was like a really really positive intervention. The study described the participants’ reactions to hearing such nice things as “appreciation jolts,” which leads the recipient of this praise to experience “a different narrative about themselves by helping them see the impact they are capable of making on others.”


With all the positive effects of this praise, both long and short term, it seems like a good idea to go out of your way today to remind a friend or coworker why you think they’re great. Also, treat yourself by asking them for a compliment in return. Heck, let us take a second to say thanks for being considerate, engaged readers and commenters on this site. You make us excited to produce all kinds of content for you to gobble up and enjoy.

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