They say love makes the world go round, but there’s something to be said for bonding with someone over a shared pet peeve. Hater, a dating app that finds love connections based on mutual hates, has released a map showing the most disliked thing in each state, and it turns out that as a country, we stand united in our contempt of a lot of random things.

friends with fidget spinners

There are a few non-surprises: California detests fidget spinners, New York loathes tourist trap Times Square, and Starbucks HQ Washington hates Keurig K-cups.

The middle states get weird. Oklahoma is not here for the latest gossip. Missouri dislikes people who believe in aliens. Illinois resents biting into string cheese, but TBH, what kind of monsters eat string cheese like that anyway? And sadly, if *NSYNC ever decides to go on a reunion tour, they should just skip Colorado because they won’t find many fans there.

The South has strong opinions on food: Alabama hates vegetarianism, while next door, Georgia abhors tuna salad. Tennessee takes a hard pass on foraged food.

Along the east coast, Virginia is repulsed by dabbing pizza grease with a napkin (like, how else are you supposed to dab it?). Delaware is not a fan of Casey Affleck. And perhaps most ironically appropriate for this dating app, DC doesn’t support the idea that everyone has a soul mate.

And let’s not forget about our non-contiguous neighbors: Alaska has a gripe against graffiti and Hawaii is not into taking videos at concerts. Relatable.

See below for the full map of what Americans love to hate (and maybe travel inspiration if you’re looking for new friends and/or romantic partners).

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(Photo via Getty, image via Hater)