We’re never surprised when incredible music becomes the soundtrack to our lives. Whether Beyoncé is dropping Lemonade or we’re chilling with our faves while at a bestie’s baby shower, music is everything, which is why you might be surprised that the most popular song of all time isn’t anything by Bey or even Michael Jackson.

Canadian YouTube series This Exists explores all sorts of interesting and curious pop culture info, and in their episode called What is the most played song in the world? they uncover what the most popular songs on Earth are. Surprisingly, Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” is played 75 times A DAY in Australia. The Beatles’ “Yesterday” is played over 300 times a day around the world.

But what’s the most popular song of all time?

With over 50 million plays (as of 2015) across three continents, Disney’s “It’s a Small World” is the most popular song ever. Like ever. Like every single person on the planet has probably heard it at some point, and if they haven’t, they will. While we’re pretty sure we don’t mind never hearing that ear worm again, we also know it’ll never go away, since it really is one that everyone can understand and sing along to.

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(h/t HelloGiggles, Featured image via Disney.com)