Growing up, your mother loved the handmade noodle necklaces聽and refrigerator art you聽gave her.聽So with聽Mother鈥檚 Day approaching on May 13, we thought it鈥檇 be fitting to honor her with the same made-with-love gifts, but with more of an adulting take. This easy DIY printable paper flower bouquet聽is just the thing to both聽delight and impress her while bringing back to those oh-so-sweet childhood memories. Scroll below to see how you can make this project that鈥檒l last her for all the years to come.

Download our paper flower bouquet for your mama!


To get your blooms ready to go, print out three copies of the flower printable.


Use scissors to cut each flower and its leaves. Repeat for all three sheets.


For the leaves, make a small cut聽to attach them to the stems. Use glue to hold.


Position all of your florals together into a pretty posy. (Note: If you鈥檇 like them to group together,聽place a dot of glue where they join.)聽Then, set them out in a vase or Mason jar for your mama to聽admire on her special day.

We want to see聽how your flowers turned out! Share the聽finished product聽with us on聽Instagram聽using the hashtag #iamcreative.聽Then, be sure聽be sure to check out聽more DIY ideas聽here.

(Illustration:聽Rebecca Fong;聽Photo Styling: Cassidy Miller;聽Photography:聽Brittany Griffin)