Starting off your new year on the right foot means ridding your life of messy distractions. Clean out your closet, purge your fridge and organize your computer. That last one tends to get overlooked, but it’ll make you feel so much better to take account of what’s on your computer, trash what you don’t need and re-organize what you do. After that, with your shiny, new clean desktop screen, you’re going to need a motivational wallpaper to give you an extra bit of inspiration to accomplish those resolutions.

Even if you don’t make resolutions, having your computer on your side is just the kind of teamwork that could help you succeed in 2015. Take your pick of these 28 inspiring wallpapers that are dishing out more uplifting one liners than Tony Robbins.


1. Get Creative: You don’t have to tell us twice, but we are more likely to listen when there are flowers involved. (via Made by Cay)


2. Challenge for Change: Because it’s getting through the tough stuff that really makes you appreciative. (via Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth)


3. Action Is the Foundation: You’re never going to be good at something if you don’t do it. Get moving. (via The Fox Is Black)


4. Anything Not Everything: This is a hard one to hear because we are always trying to do it all, but no one can do everything. Except maybe Anna Kendrick. (via Design Love Fest)


5. Dream Big: Done and done. (via Gecko and Fly)


6. Meant for Greatness: Opening your computer to this everyday would be like opening a golden fortune cookie. (via He Calls Me Grace)


7. Take Care of Business: It’s time to set up shop for 2015. (via The Fox Is Black)


8. Inspire: Seriously, gold leaf is always an inspiration. (via Co Cocrrina)


9. Think Big: The colors! The font! We’re in love with this one. (via Design Love Fest)


10. Fake It ‘Til You Make It: No one knows what they’re doing all the time, so why not just fake it ’til you’re a pro? (via Tiny Inklings)


11. Get Shit Done: It’s as simple as that. (via Oh So Lovely)


12. Stop the Glorification of Busy: This is a great one to live by. Rather than rushing from one busy moment to the next, savor those lulls for your own sanity and creativity. (via A Pair of Pears)


13. Good Day: There’s bound to be something great about each and every day… even if it’s just your coffee break. (via Design Love Fest)


14. Everyday I’m Hustlin’: There’s no guarantee you won’t have Rick Ross stuck in your head all day, every day with this one. (via Two Twenty One)


15. I Got This: The handwritten script and the sprinkling of stars are enough to make you feel like you wrote this one yourself. (via The Nectar Collective)


16. Inspiration Exists: You can’t totally rely on inspiration, but you can rely on hard work. (via The Fox Is Black)


17. Effing Killing It: Shake them haters off and be proud of the work you’re doing. (via Unique USA)


18. So Far So Good: This one is just a little nudge — one of those baby steps you need to keep repeating to yourself. (via Design Love Fest)


19. You Are Killing It: If you want your desktop to throw you a party every day, this one is for you. (via Design Love Fest)


20. You Are the Best: This is kind of like when your mom would write encouraging notes to you and put them in your lunch sack, which was totally embarrassing at the time but now you get it. (via You’re Here to Have Fun)


21. Focus: Sometimes you just have to ditch the frilly stuff and cut to the chase. (via Gecko and Fly)


22. Work for It: For that big idea that’s taking up your every thought, now is the time to pursue it. (via Spitfiregirl)


23. Keep Moving Forward: The best way to make progress is to keep hustling. (via Lovely Indeed)


24. Shine On: For when you need a little love and a little glam, there’s this wallpaper. (via Design Love Fest)


25. Start Where You Are: No more excuses, people! Just get started and before you know it, things will fall into place. (via Design Milk)


26. You Got This: Well?! You do! (via Design Love Fest)


27. Like a Boss: Sometimes you just need to feel like you’re in charge, even if it’s only when you’re at your desk. (via Unique USA)


28. Make it Count: No matter what words of wisdom drive you to greatness this year, you can’t go wrong with these three. (via Design Love Fest)

Which words of wisdom spoke to you the most? Let us know your favorites in the comments!