If you’ve been following along with, well, the world, you’ve probably noticed that Anna Kendrick is the funniest human alive — okay, fine, top five. If you’ve been following along here at Brit + Co., you’re probably like, whoa, guys, what are you trying to do, assemble the most amazing BFF army of awesome, strong, cool, crafty women?! Uh, yeah. We’re just over here like, shopping with Mindy Kaling, baking with Taylor Swift, taking selfies with Cara Delevingne, going to grad parties with Emma Watson and after her Twitter takeover yesterday, we’re getting silly with Anna K, too.

Elle magazine’s latest cover girl got the keys to their Twitter handle for the day and she had a party as poppin’ as if mom and dad were gone for the weekend. And we were all there to join in. ICYMI or in case you need to relive it (ICYNTRI?) like we do, here’s a “Retweet/Recap” of the highlights below, including a behind-the-scenes look at Pitch Perfect 2!!!!

1. Hehe, oh, Anna.

2. Looks like there’s only room for one Anna in this town, Ms. Wintour.

3. We hope not!?!?

4. Our first look at the set of Pitch Perfect 2 through the eyes of Anna is not exactly what we were hoping for, but LOL anyways. A Beca and Jesse selfie would be nice… (Don’t worry, there’s more ;)

5. Elle, how you gonna play our girl like that?

6. Look, there’s only one thing to do when someone throws some Spanx shade your way — kitten blast their website, which is exactly what Anna did. A great woman in power has to use her power wisely and this is genius. (Photo)

7. And speaking of cute animals…

8. Don’t try to play with Anna like that, Elle.

9. Okay, we definitely need more than that. BUT WE’LL TAKE IT.

10. Noo, we never want it to end! Oh, I guess we can just follow Anna Kendrick on her own Twitter…

What celeb would you want to take over the @BritandCo Twitter for a day… what about the Brit + Co. kitchen?! Mmm…