From food subscriptions to underwear subscriptions(?!) and everything in between, we love getting that bang for our buck and all the conveniences that come along with them. On chillier days (okay, more like every day) many of us would much rather have a Netflix-Hulu marathon than go out to the movies. It makes sense. Why pay $15 to watch one movie when you can pay $9 a month to watch as many as you want? Well, MoviePass — an all-you-can-watch movie subscription — might change your mind.


MoviePass was in beta a couple years ago and just recently partnered with AMC Theaters. With a $35 monthly subscription you can watch one movie in a theater every day. If you’re a real movie junkie, you can get the 3D and IMAX experiences with the premium package for $45/month. Just download the MoviePass app, pick the movie you want to watch and your tickets will be available for pick up at the theater.


Clearly, we’re going to have to put our Netflix binge sessions on pause (which might be a healthy change). MoviePass is only available in Boston and Denver for now, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for one in San Francisco.

Where do you want MoviePass to be available next? Do you think you’d be able to watch a movie every day?