Let’s face it, just thinking about cooking for Thanksgiving can be terribly intimidating. So on top of your collection of weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets, why not lessen the pressure by stocking up on an arsenal of multi-tasking kitchen tools? Whether you’re cooking one dish or responsible for the whole smorgasbord, these 12 time-saving tools will help ease the stress of prep so you can concentrate on actually enjoying the fall-time festivities.

1. Fat Separating Spoon ($10): Ran out of time to separate the good stuff from the fat in your gravy before it hit the table? Fat separating spoon to the rescue!

2. World’s Greatest Potato Masher ($17): Double the masher, double the fun! A spring-loaded, ricer-style plate and a traditional wire masher are perfect partners-in-crime for producing fluffy mash while reducing your effort.

3. Herb Scissors ($9): Maximize your sniping skills with this pair of five-blade scissors (that’s right—five blades!) This pair of shears should be your go-to for chopping fresh scallions and leafy herbs like sage, oregano, and basil.

4. Rotary Peeler ($13): Vegetable peeling just got a heck of a lot easier with this compact triple-peeler. One round tool houses a serrated blade, standard blade, julienne blade, and bonus potato eye remover so you can switch from peeling parsnips to tomatoes in no time.

5. Encanal Carving Board (roughly $39): Two angled lips act as a funnel on the end of this cutting board, ensuring your food will never again flea en route from the board to the bowl. Genius!

6. Taylor Digital Scale and Measuring Cup ($25): Now it’s easier than ever to follow your favorite recipe to a tee thanks to this inventive kitchen scale measuring cup. This two-in-one tool allows you to easily measure dry and liquid ingredients by both volume and weight. Bakers rejoice!

7. Adjustable Rolling Pin ($20): Here’s another product made for die-hard bakers: an adjustable rolling pin. Removable discs help you precisely measure the thickness of your dough to ensure that your pie crusts will be perfectly crisp and your cookies will always be chewy.

8. Silicon Slip-On Bowl Pour Spout ($7): This might be one of our favorite add-ons of all time. Turn any pot or pan into an easy-pour pitcher with this clip-on, heat-resistant silicone spout.

9. Prep&Serve ($13): Reduce the number of dirty dishes while maximizing your prep space with this nifty three-in-one bowl. Strain, mix, and serve all in one stylish vessel.

10. Multi-Tier Oven Rack ($20): The impossible just happened: your oven can now fit three casserole dishes and a whole turkey at the same time! This multi-tier oven rack might just be the ultimate Thanksgiving kitchen tool.

11. Oil Wand Silicone Dispenser ($20): Take the mess out of brushing on finishing oil and marinade with this wand dispenser. Simply squeeze the silicone tube to get the juices flowing.

12. Two-In-One Measuring Jug ($14): Two parts this plus three and a half parts that equals how much did I really just put in that measuring cup? Take the guessing out of measuring with this dual chamber jug, perfect for making dressings and vinaigrettes.

What multi-tasking kitchen tools will help you out the most this Thanksgiving? Did we miss any gadgets that we should know about? Talk to us in the comments below!