Let’s be real: Night at the Museum is an awesome movie, no matter your age. Who doesn’t wish they could hang out in a museum after hours? We can’t promise you’ll be partying with Teddy Roosevelt and T-Rex, but check out these seven spots that let you have a real night at the museum thanks to their overnight events. Pack your sleeping bag and your best PJs for an evening you won’t forget!

1. The American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York (Kids 6-13): What better place to have a Night at the Museum experience than at the museum where it was actually filmed? This museum is perfect if you’re into a little bit of everything. If the cosmos are your thing, enjoy midnight shows in the planetarium; or if you were obsessed with T-Rex back in the day, go on a flashlight tour of the dino exhibit, all while enjoying some bubbly. It’s pretty much our idea of a dream date.

2. The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois (Families and Groups With Kids 6-12): If Indiana Jones, The Mummy, or Jurassic Park are some of your favorite movies, then Dozin’ With the Dinos at The Field Museum is your ultimate sleepover destination. Everyone sleeps underneath Sue, the largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found.

3. San Diego Zoo Safari Park, San Diego, California (Ages 3+): Hakuna matata at the Roar & Snore sleepover at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. You can have the full safari experience and camp in the park near the animals — but hopefully not the lions.

4. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia: If you were obsessed with The Little Mermaid growing up, you’ll jump at the chance to live under the sea for a night. (Honestly, we’re always trying to live the Ariel dream.) Although Sebastian won’t be serenading you to sleep, you CAN sleep in the voyager tunnel completely surrounded by beautiful ocean creatures.

5. Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland, California: This ultimate space odyssey sleepover is the next best thing to space camp. They have a midnight planetarium show that’s guaranteed to be an out-of-this-world experience. (Photo via Chabot Space & Science Center)

6. Rubin Museum of Art, New York, New York: We all have those hectic times where we wish we could hit pause and zen out. Well, The Rubin Museum of Art offers a “Dream-Over” for just those times. After taking a self-reflective questionnaire, you’ll sleep under a work of art chosen just for you. In the morning, you’ll talk with a dream interpreter about your overnight experience. Wonder what it means that we dreamt about tacos all night…

7. International Spy Museum, Washington, DC: How cool would it be to be a spy like 007? At Operation Secret Slumber at the International Spy Museum, you get to complete secret missions throughout the museum and learn how to be the next Bond… James Bond.

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(Featured photo via Georgia Aquarium)