Having your period might not be your favorite time of the month (and is quite possibly your most hated time of the month, especially if it’s as painful as a heart attack!), but anything and everything that can make it easier is a-ok in our books. There’s been an uptick in tech-related women’s health, like menstrual cups, period cramp-eliminating wearables and even STI-testing smart tampons and other ailments — savvy (and sympathetic) companies are coming up with all sorts of ideas to make our lives easier. Bringing tech to that time of the month, my.Flow is introducing a smart tech system that will give you the deets needed to stay on top of your tampon sitch.

my flow

The company’s mission states: “Many girls experiencing the whirlwind of puberty are left guessing how long to leave their tampon in; this leads to a girl’s worst nightmare of having blood leak through her new white pants or, much worse, toxic shock syndrome, which, although less prevalent than it once was, in extreme cases can lead to amputation and even death.” Too true, too icky and too scary.

my.Flow wants to help out by “making the monthly cycle the next tracked biological phenomenon.” That sounds pretty darn cool. Comparing the period flow tracker to devices such as sleep trackers, diet trackers, and step counters, my.Flow will monitor and notify you when your tampon is full and needs to be changed.

my flow

To use the my.Flow you merely need to insert your tampon normally, attach your tampon string to the monitor’s and then clip the monitor onto your waistband (see the vid below for an illustrated demonstration). If it’s all properly set up and ready to go, the monitor will glow (hopefully not beacon bright), and will begin sending info to the matching app on your phone. When the monitor senses “full saturation,” you will be notified via the app on your phone.

The app will give you all kinds of deets about your period as it tracks your flow each time the my.Flow is in use. As they say, they want you to know everything about your time of the month “from the minute-ly to the monthly level.” When you’re not using the monitor, you can snap it onto your key-chain so that it’s always nearby when you need it.

Check out the video below, and if you’re interested, you can check out my.Flow for more info on getting yourself this techie gadget.

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(h/t Mashable, photos via my.Flow)