There are two ways to decorate a Christmas tree. First, you can pick a theme (monochromatic, tropical) and create a seamless spread with baubles and decor that fit perfectly with your cohesive vision. Second, you can create a sort of… “scrapbook tree,” with baubles and Christmas ornaments that represent your hobbies, hilarious anecdotes and gifted presents throughout the years. Either way, you need holiday ornaments that speak to your personal interests. If you’re a fellow geek, here are 15 nerdy Christmas ornaments sure to satisfy your inner fangirl.

1. Firefly Jayne Hat Ornament ($6): Everything was better in 2002: Britney starred in Crossroads, frosted tips were totally a thing and the Serenity soared to new heights. For all those dreaming of decades past, this Jayne hat ornament is a must.

2. Dr. Who Ornament ($14): Every timelord needs a Time and Relative Dimension in Space for Christmas. Get yours today and start adventuring by Christmas!

3. Game of Thrones Ornament ($10): Make George R.R. Martin proud with this GoT ornament from Kurt Adler. Mini figurines (like LEGO Minifigs) can sit on the Iron Throne ornament – just make sure yours is the last one standing!

4. Dame of Thrones Ornament Set ($25): Baratheon, Lannister, Stark or Taragaryen — everyone is welcome at this holiday feast. Each house ornament is adorned with a noble coat of arms on one side and the family’s name and motto on the other.

5. Star Wars Holiday Darth Vader™ Ornament ($20): Of course American film’s resident Dad deserves a tacky Christmas sweater (with AT-ATs and Stormtroopers). Just be careful — everyone who comes close to the tree will receive a special Christmas message from the Dark Lord.

6. Doctor Who Holiday Ornaments ($8 each, on sale): Have a very Whovian Christmas with this set of Doctor-approved doo-dads.

7. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk The Needs of the Many Ornament ($30): The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one. Relive this classic scene with an ornament that plays the final farewell between Captain Kirk and Spock at the press of a button.

8. The Big Bang Theory Dr. Sheldon Cooper Ornament ($18): Okay, Dr. Sheldon Cooper may be a scientific genius, but he gets us on a personal level too (who doesn’t love a good train store?). Bazinga!

9. Superman Ornament ($7): No one can save an attack on the Christmas tree from the evil feline like Superman can. Get yours today and save Christmas once and for all!

10. Remote Controller Christmas Ornament ($5): This glass remote controller ornament is the ideal gift for the gamer that changes fandoms every few months. Made of glass with a shiny finish, it’s the perfect accessory to any well-played tree.

11. Harry Potter Charmed Glittering Golden Lightning Bolt Hanging Ornament ($39): We all wish we could visit Hogwarts in the snow. This classic Harry Potter charm is the perfect reminder that our letters are still on the way (they’ve just been re-routed by the Weasleys’ owl).

12. Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C Ornament ($33): This replica of the fourth Starfleet vessel (the U.S.S. Enterprise) will take your Christmas décor into warp speed.

13. Star Wars Episode VII BB-8 Glass Ornament ($10): Get psyched for The Force Awakens premiere with this BB-8 glass ornament.

14. Mocking Jay Decorative Hanging Ornament ($30): The movie franchise may be over, but the Mockingjay will live on — through our Christmas trees!

15. MARVEL Guardians of the Galaxy Groovin’ Groot Ornament ($32): Rock around the Christmas tree with Groot and his iconic dance moves. Press the button to hear a holiday tune that will get Groot (and you!) dancing this holiday.

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