While there is much to love about the holidays, like yummy food and snow angels, there’s something extra special about the decorating process. From family heirlooms to new favorites collected over time, digging out your pretty decorations and putting them up with love and care is a beloved holiday activity in and of itself. Allow us to inspire and add to your decoration collection with these 24 stylish ornaments.

1. Pantone Ornament ($16): Designer-approved and perfect for any color scheme, these Pantone pretties make a lovely addition to any tree. Choose a new one each year to add a rainbow feel to those branches.

2. 3D Printed Deer Ornament ($15): Tech lovers, rejoice! These adorable deer ornaments are 3D printed from standard plastic filament and have a built-in loop for easy hanging. You can dangle them from fishing line, or from flashier ribbon for a little more glam.

3. Acrylic Tree Ornaments ($16): Trees on trees. The meta vibe of this set of eight acrylic tree ornaments is what got us hooked. Plus, they’re so pretty, you might consider snipping off the gold string and using them as decorative touches throughout the rest of the year.

4. “Adorn-aments” (on sale for $42): This set of five hand-painted wooden ornaments is the perfect balance of whimsical and rustic that’s hard to get enough of. They come in a chic muslin bag, making them a perfectly festive holiday gift for everyone from co-workers to door men to best friends.

5. Bacon Ornament ($12): It’s an ornament and it’s bacon. Is there really anything else to say? This cute little piece is as timeless as bacon itself, and is sure to get a giggle out of any guest.

6. California Bear Hug Ornament ($16): This glass ornament was inspired by the 1913 sheet music of California’s state song, “I Love California.” It’ll look stunning dangling from a sturdy plant all year ’round once your pine’s time has passed.

7. Taco Ornament ($13): Feliz Navidad! This ornament is one of those wonderful things that you didn’t know you were missing. Now it’s hard to imagine how you ever could have considered your Christmas tree complete without a taco on it.

8. Disco Ball Ornaments ($12): Bring some disco fever to your holidays with this super cool set of six disco ball ornaments. Bonus: They reflect the glow from your tree lights brilliantly.

9. Pickle Ornaments ($21): It’s official: Pickles go with everything, including pine trees. This set of three multi-colored pickle ornaments are a sure delight. They’ll look pretty good mixed in with a couple of taco ornaments for a festive foodie spin on holiday decor.

10. Needle Felting Owl Ornament Kit ($22): This kit comes with everything you need to stitch together your very own critter ornament. Happy felting!

11. Geometric Ornament ($10): If you’re going for a modern or minimalist vibe this year, these geometric ornaments are for you. They’re a simple, chic and timeless way to adorn your tree.

12. Kitchen Mixer Ornament ($13): Made from blown glass with glorious glitter detail, this ornament makes a great gift for the baker in your life or a little personal present to give a nod to your favorite pastime during the holidays.

13. Shape Ornaments ($7): This set of ornaments is hand embroidered on beautiful cream muslin and hand stitched onto pieces of sturdy felt for hanging. It’s gonna be a white Christmas, indeed.

14. Gift Tag Ornaments ($12): You’ll never guess what these little guys are made out of: slices of tree branches! Can you believe it?! Not only do they make pretty ornaments, but they can also double as gift tags for a funky personal touch to gift giving.

15. Felt Junk Food Ornaments ($23): All hail the supreme food group: junk food! Showcase the best of the best this year on your Christmas tree. How cute will this pretzel or corn dog look next to your more traditional classics? Super cute, that’s how cute.

16. Light Bulb Ornaments ($23): These gems take a holiday staple (outdoor lights) and bring them inside for a whole new way to celebrate. Grab this set of three and see these Christmas staples beautifully reinvented for yourself.

17. Crescent Ornaments ($15): These moon ornaments are beautiful in all the right ways, hand cut and dip dyed to perfection. They also make great gift tags, pretty additions to key chains and adorable year-round door knob decorations.

18. Peas in a Pod Ornaments ($35): Celebrate your love with that someone special through these pea pod ornaments. Let this eclectic green hue brighten up your tree in a subtle, yet statement-making way.

19. Pup Love Ornament ($20): Pup lovers everywhere: Celebrate your breed of choice with this metal ornament with a heart-shaped cutout. Woof!

20. Perler Bead Ornament Set ($19): Make your own ornament and transport yourself back to your childhood at the same time — except this time you don’t have to wait around for a grownup to help you with the iron, because you’re the grown-up now! Get your bead game on, girl.

21. Pineapple Ornaments ($36): Whether you’re dreaming of a warmer Christmas or celebrating from a tropical locale (lucky you!), this set of four tres chic pineapple ornaments is just what you need.

22. Swan Ornament ($30): What a little cutie pie! This hand-stitched swan ornament is so sweet and adorable, we think you’ll be finding ways to keep little Bob (yes, we just named him Bob) around well after the holidays are over.

23. State Lovin’ Ornament ($20): Let your state pride shine with this metallic ornament. Get one for each state or send them out as customized gifts for friends near and far.

24. Sweet Treats Ornaments ($23): A ho ho, a cinnamon roll, a Pop Tart and a donut — what more could you want? This set of four sweet treats is just what the doctor ordered for a cute and whimsical approach to tree decor.

Which of these beauties will be gracing your evergreen this year? Let us hear about it in the comments below!