If you’re the type who thinks that ‘Netflix and chill’ should totally involve Netflix and chilling, then OMG do we ever have the dream job for you!

Netflix To Report Quarterly Earnings This Week

Have you ever wondered how Netflix manages to sort through their giant selection of viewing options, while tailoring the offerings to the individual tastes of each viewer? Let us enlighten you. The site that’s basically changed the way we watch shows and movies has an entire team of helpers called “taggers” (as in tagging data, not illegally tagging walls) who watch Netflix and help sort it aaaaaall out for your viewing pleasure.

And, yup, these people get paid for their efforts. Paid to watch Netflix. Let that sink in.

If you’re bubbling over with job jealously right now, your green-eyed envy might turn to wide-eyed excitement when you find out that Netflix is looking to hire a new tagger. But before you hand in your resignation at your current position, make sure that you’re either living in (or perhaps willing to relocate to) the UK or Ireland for this part-time opportunity. If that doesn’t deter you, then check out the video below for more info, and start fine-tuning that resumé.

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(h/t The Muse; photo via Justin Sullivan +Pascal Le Segretain /Getty Images)