Whether your summer vacation takes you to an Instagram-worthy villa or a stunning all-inclusive, we couldn’t be more excited to ditch the daily stresses of life and indulge in some healthy rest and relaxation. But even though we *definitely* plan on soaking in the sun (with our sophisticated sunscreens, of course) and drinking our fair share of fabulous summer cocktails on our trip, we also don’t want our summer fitness plan to fall to pieces while we’re sunning it up in paradise. Luckily, Hilton Hotels and Resorts just released an affordable, brand-new room option that’ll make it easier than ever for travelers to squeeze in their workouts while they’re away from home.

It’s time to say hasta la vista to waiting in line for the treadmill at one of those awkward (and perpetually sticky) hotel gyms, folks. Hilton Hotels and Resorts recently launched a brand-new type of room where guests can enjoy a private gym without ever having to leave their comfortable hotel room. The new program, called Five Feet to Fitness, allows guests to check into a fitness-themed room equipped with 11 different fitness tools and accessory options. Each room comes with a Gym Rax storage bay with an assortment of equipment to help guests complete suspension, body weight, core, yoga, HIIT, meditation, and family-friendly workouts.

Along with their trendy workout products like the Wattbike and TRX Suspension Trainers, Hilton partnered with Aktiv Solutions to create the Five Feet to Fitness kiosk, which includes over 200 guided exercise tutorials and over 25 classes that use the equipment found in the hotel room to help you burn those calories. Plus, each room also includes a selection of five FREE beverages (including Core Power and Zico Coconut Water), so you can properly rehydrate after your workout. Heck, the suite even comes with blackout shades so you can get the restorative sleep you need after your intense gym sesh! The rooms cost roughly $45 more than Hilton’s standard room rate, depending on the view and the city. Not only will you sneak a crazy-good workout while you’re away from home, but you’ll rest easy knowing that you didn’t blow your budget.

“The variety of activity the room enables is motivating,” says Ryan Crabbe, senior director of Global Wellness at Hilton. “One morning a guest can decide to roll out of bed for quick guided stretch and yoga poses. Then later that evening, he or she may return from a stressful day and take a brisk bike ride while catching up on a favorite show or the day’s business news. The room is made to suit the varied and evolving wellness habits of our guests.”

While the rooms are currently only available at Parc 55 San Francisco and Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, representatives at Hilton say that they will soon expand to Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, and San Diego.

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(Photos via Hilton Hotels and Resorts)