We’re all about keeping our phones well-dressed and paired with super cool accessories — which means we’re constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest techwear and complementary gadgets. Hands-free remote control? Heck yes. Snap-on camera lens? We’ll take two, please. From innovative cases to phone-friendly projectors, here are 20 of the best accessories of the moment.

1. Distil Union Wally Case ($50): Travel light in confidence with this genius leather case. That little pull-tab there? It lets you discreetly tuck away your cards and cash from view while still keeping them close to home.

2. Smartphone Projector ($28): Say what?! A $28 cordless projector? For your PHONE?! Oh, dreams do come true.

3. R2D2 USB Car Charger ($50): You know we’re fans of R2D2 here at Brit HQ (we totally geeked out over his guest appearance at Re:Make 2014), so this animated car charger is definitely a winner for us.

4. StickR TrackR ($25): This nifty device will help you track down your phone, keys or other valuables with just a push of a button. It’s a must-have for all you forgetful peeps ;)

5. DODOcase Hardcover ($38): DODOcase never disappoints us. We would definitely stow our iPhones in this adorable case, no question.

6. Bhold Bheard Sound Pod ($55): This cutie amplifies your phone’s speakers — no electricity needed. One in every color, please!

7. SALT (Price TBD): Okay, this gadget is REALLY cool. SALT allows hands-free entry into your phone with a Bluetooth device shaped like a credit card. It also locks certain apps depending on your location, so you can be sure that no one will snoop around without permission. Check its Kickstarter campaign to learn more!

8. Bsteady Car Mount ($50): You can latch this cordless mount into your car vent to keep your phone accessible while you drive. No mo’ eyes off the road while searching for the perfect playlist!

9. Photojojo The Pocket Spotlight ($30): Never botch a sunset selfie again. The pocket spotlight plugs into your earphone jack to help balance light exposure when you’re snappin’ pics on the go.

10. Crossover For iPhone ($15): How neat is this design? Strap all your VIP cards to your phone with these flexible bands and never have to hunt down your credit card again.

11. Distil Union Snooze ($35): This simple iPhone dock lets you snooze your alarm the old-fashioned way, which we LOVE. So necessary.

12. Upwrite ($15): Have we mentioned that we love two-in-ones? Upwrite is a phone stylus that doubles as a phone stand. Three cheers for smart design.

13. Photojojo Fisheye Lens ($20): All you Instagram fanatics, this gadget is a game changer. The lens snaps on over your camera to give your photos a groovy look.

14. Impossible Instant Lab Photo Printer ($199): This. Is. Crazy. It transforms iPhone pics into polaroids instantly. Um, YES PLEASE. If you want to give it a whirl, rent it for just $10/day through Photojojo.

15. Your Nest Inspired iPhone 5/5s Stand ($17): With this genius and simple stand, you can prop up your phone for all your news-reading needs. Or, you know, your Netflix-streaming binges :)

16. Ban.do Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): Color blockin’ perfection. The prettiest mobile charger we’ve ever laid eyes on.

17. Digits Finger Pads for Gloves ($5): FINALLY! Removable finger pads that make any pair of gloves iPhone-friendly. Pop these babies into your fave pair this winter and text to your heart’s content.

18. Hisy-Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote ($25): Score! Another awesome gadget to up your selfie game. This remote lets you take phone pics hands-free.

19. In1 Multi-Tool Utility Case ($45): We’re calling this the modern version of the age-old swiss army knife. No wonder it’s a bestseller in the B+C Shop!

20. Motrr Galileo Robotic Dock ($150): The Galileo is a remote-controlled iPhone dock that rotates on command, meaning you can snap panoramic shots and time-lapse videos handsfree. Super rad.

Which one of these nifty accessories are you eyeing? Sound off in the comments below!