You’ll be able to pre-order THE iPhone 6 tomorrow (yaaaaaay) and while it may not be as shiny or exciting as the Apple Watch, we’re pretty impressed. But you can’t invest in a new phone without tricking it out with all-new gadgets, now can you? While the announcement is still new and Cupertino is still abuzz, we’re thrilled to see a few companies already jumping on board to create iPhone 6 products. From cases and wallets to bike accessories, we’re downright giddy to start dressing up our new (soooo close) iPhone with some of these.

1. Incipio Edge Chrome ($30): We loved Incipio cases for the iPhone 5 and the new version is no different. Protect the body with a pop of color and enjoy how the metallic band at the bottom makes your device stand out.

2. Incipio Stowaway ($35): Another genius Incipio option, this one lets you cleverly stash your ID, credit cards, cash and other valuables in the same hand that’s carrying around your smartphone.

3. BuQu PowerArmor Case ($80): If the 6 is as cool as it sounds, you’re going to be on that baby all the time. This case will double your battery life and it provides user-friendly details like an LED display to track how much juice you have left.

4. Zazzle Cases ($40-$57): If it’s just a cute or customizable case you want, Zazzle is ahead of the curve. They’re already offering a variety of stylish options for the iPhone 6 and we’re drooling over several of them.

5. Belkin Armband Plus ($30): While we’re all for the cute cases, you’ll need to slip your phone into something functional for workouts. This lightweight option features a slot to hide your key and some cash + a comfortable strap.

6. Quad Lock Bike Mount ($70):We haven’t forgotten about you two-wheelers! Quad Lock has a bike kit to keep you connected on all your rides. The company makes the strongest, lightest mount on the market and now they’re doing it for the iPhone 6.

7. Quad Lock Capture Kit ($45): Quad Lock is ahead of the game in delivering iPhone 6 accessories and phone photographers won’t want to miss this one. The case comes with an adapter so your phone can slip on and off your tripod quickly and easily.

8. Otterbox Defender Series Case: The Otterbox can survive even the worst smartphone abuses. Butterfingers everywhere rejoice, they’ve got the iPhone 6 covered!

9. Grovemade Cases ($49-$129): If you decide you want to go a more natural route, Grovemade is making leather and wood cases for your new toy. Show off the most of the phone with just a bumper made of maple or walnut.

10. Apple Leather Case ($45 to $49): In a rainbow of hues, in leather or silicone ($35 for the 6 and $39 for the Plus), Apple is already offering up official cases for both versions of their new phone. We’ll take one of each, please.

Are you pre-ordering the iPhone 6 tomorrow? What iPhone accessory can you not live without?