Better triple check your wedding check list, ladies, because lots of new trends and changes are coming in 2017 — at least according to Pinterest. The site responsible for all your home-, food-, parenting-, and everything-else-inspiration just released its 2017 Wedding Report, highlighting the top 25 trends users are searching for. You’ll find catered food, wedding cakes, and the hottest way to style your updo on this list. But one trend on the report that really stood out to us: Brides are saying no to having bridesmaids in 2017 — and are saving money as a result.

According to Pinterest, the millennial crowd is searching for wedding inspo that involves a small or no bridal party at all. So many people are researching it that Pinterest has seen a 100 percent year-over-year increase.

When you think about the costs associated with having a bridal party, it starts to make sense. If you have five bridesmaids and five groomsmen, you’re looking at a pretty good chunk of change (Think: dress, shoes, makeup, hair, a gift and so much more), regardless of whether you and the S.O. are covering the costs.

Even if it’s not all about saving money, there are definitely reasons to appreciate this movement. It can bring the focus back to you and your boo and make for a more intimate day. It will also allow everyone — friends and family who would normally be in the bridal party — to kick back, relax, and enjoy celebrating your big day.

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