If you’ve ever planned a wedding or are currently planning one, you know how much of an impact the food has on the reception and… everything else. It gets expensive to feed all those people! But if you’re thinking you’ll have to stick with a cake and punch reception, think again. There are lots of creative wedding buffet menus that are budget-friendly and will make your reception unique. Take a look and get inspired by 14 DIY wedding ideas for buffets that will please you and your guests.

mimosa bar

1. Mimosa Bar: Leave off the punch. Juice, fresh fruit and bubbly is all that’s required for the perfect drink buffet to go with your cake. (via Smarty Had a Party)

crostini buffet

2. Crostini Bar: Bread, cheese, cold meats — it doesn’t get much classier than crostini for your afternoon wedding. (via Heirloom)

pizza buffet

3. Pizza Buffet: You can make your own crust or buy it, but as long as there is enough cheese, your pizza buffet promises to be the best buffet yet. (via Clayton Austin)

popcorn buffet

4. Popcorn Bar: This idea just screams country-classic. We’ll guarantee that your wedding will be the kid favorite of the summer. (via Lauren Kirkbride Photography)

float buffet

5. Float and Milkshake Buffet: Everyone loves ice cream. If you are planning a summer wedding, consider serving up all the ingredients for the best ice cream floats ever. (via Laura Ivanova Photography)

chili bar

6. Chili Bar: If you’ve got family pining to help with your big day, ask them to make you a big pot of chili for the reception. Then all you have to do is provide the toppings for a wedding buffet to remember. (via Acqua Photo)

biscuit gravy bar

7. Biscuits and Gravy Bar: It’s a fact that breakfast is the best meal of the day. So ask your favorite breakfast place to cater your reception and make everyone happy. (via Sara + Rocky)

bloody mary bar

8. Bloody Mary Bar: Looking for a buffet to please your adult guests? Try putting together a Bloody Mary bar for major kicks. This is also a great idea for the morning-after brunch. (via Verna Pitts Photography)

taco bar

9. Taco Bar: You probably thought of this one already, didn’t you? And can we just say that mini tacos are da bomb?! (via Rex and Regina)

cookie bar

10. Cookie Bar: Candy bars are been there, done that. But a cookie bar not only is a fantastic new idea, but it also gives you a chance to hang with your maids while you bake. (via Jen Rodriguez)

mini pie bar

11. Mini Pie Bar: Of course the people that don’t like strawberries or are allergic to peanut butter are going to be bummed if you serve up one kind of pie. So let them make their own mini ones to their liking. (via Play Party Pin)

mashed potato bar

12. Mashed Potato Bar: So you probably looked at this and thought “Mmmm I don’t know…” But there is bacon involved, so it’s okay. We promise. (via Answers)

sandwich buffet

13. Sandwich Buffet: It’s picnic time. If your reception is set around lunchtime, serve up some baguettes and sliced lunch meat for a casual yet super fun meal. (via Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride)

wedding buffet cover

14. Donuts and Coffee Bar: Morning weddings are always so fresh and lovely. Make yours even more so by serving up the best donuts around. Brownie points if you serve hot chocolate alongside your coffee. (via Kristin Julia Photography)

Do you have any creative wedding buffet ideas? We’d love to hear about them below!