It鈥檚 pretty darn safe to say we love Nutella. We鈥檒l take it however we can get it, from one-bite Nutella donuts to salted Nutella s鈥檓ores cake. We鈥檒l even try Nutella pizza and Nutella burgers, proving without a doubt that it鈥檚 basically the best. That鈥檚 why it causes such grief when bad chocalety-spread-related news hits, like thieves making off with $30k worth of Nutella or the fact that now the choco-nutty treat has been linked to cancer. Folks are friggin鈥 devastated.

Follow your heart today. It鈥檒l lead your cart straight to the Nutella庐.

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The sitch started when the European Food Safety Authority declared that foods containing palm oil could pose a cancer risk. You guessed it: Nutella contains palm oil. It鈥檚 not alone (and we鈥檙e assuming you鈥檇 have to eat a heck of a lot for it to cause any real negative health affects), but it鈥檚 the product that鈥檚 receiving the most attention since the revelation has some stores even threatening to ban it.

Nutella lovers are NOT happy鈥

And some peeps just don鈥檛 care鈥

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